Mustang Shelby

Carroll Shelby built some of America’s great muscle cars, but he was also a legend in American high-performance car racing. His racing career started in 1952. He started off drag racing but quickly moved to road racing. He won his very first race, driving an MG. He beat not only other MG’s in the race but also the more powerful Jaguars. By 1954 Shelby was racing in Europe driving Aston Martins for John Wyers team. In November of 1954, Shelby rolled his race car four times in a Pan American Mexico race and suffered cuts, breaks, and a shattered elbow. He continued to race in 1955 using a special fiberglass cast and taping his hands to the steering wheel, despite these hardships Shelby continued to win. In 1957 Carroll Shelby was named race car driver of the year by Sports Illustrated magazine. In 1960 Shelby moved to California and opened a Goodyear Tire Dealership, and later that year he competed in his last race.

Carroll Shelby was retired from racing, but he would now begin a chapter in his life that would have a profound impact on American sports cars. He opened a high-performance driving school in 1961, and in March of 1962, he opened Shelby America in Venice California. His first car the Shelby Cobra was a combination of a frame being built by AC in England and a small block V-8 being built by Ford Motor Company. The Shelby Cobra was the fastest production car being built at the time. Shelby America went through some start up challenges but eventually starts selling quite a few Cobras. The car is a proven winner in the racing world, and in 1965 Ford asks Shelby to develop a high-performance Mustang for the street and racing. Ford was eager to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette on both the street and the track, and they felt that Carroll Shelby could give them the edge that they needed.


In September 1964, Ford Motor Company and Shelby America created a partnership to create high-performance Mustangs. Ford begins to supply the stripped-down Mustangs in Shelby and allows him to do what he wants. The first 1965 Shelby GT 350 race and production cars were built in late 1964. They are offered only in white, and Shelby added a blue bar to the side with the words of the GT 350. Under the hood Shelby put an aluminum fence that pushed the Horsepower from 271 to 306; They also added a four-speed transmission Borg-Warner T-10. The suspension received a large front stabilizer post, Koni dampers, and traction rods, as well as a 1-inch panel. On the more cosmetic side, the Mustangs were equipped with fiberglass hoods with functional caps. The rear seat was removed to make room for spare Tires and seat belts. These models were launched on the market in January 1965. They were not sold quickly, but motorists bought them, which was the target market.

In March 1965, Shelby America transported Mustang production to Los Angeles International Airport. They began work on what would be a 1966 model. The 1966 GT350 will be offered in more than one color. It was available in black, red, green and blue. Shelby America also offered a version of the GT350 supercharged, as well as a convertible model. In November 1965 Shelby made a deal with Hertz on the construction of the Shelby GT 350H. Initially, he received an order for 200, which was later increased to 1,000.


1967 model year Shelby Mustangs proposed a new style. Ford builds a tougher machine, and Shelby made it even more muscular, adding two spoons to the side and a spoiler. Many components of the body on the GT 350 were made of fiberglass. The biggest addition to the Shelby lineup was the GT 500. Shelby 500 was a great version of the Shelby Mustang. It had a huge 428 cu. Inch engine interceptor of the police, which produced 355 horsepower. You can buy a car with an automatic gearbox C-6 or with a Ford Toploader 4-Speed ​​instruction. It comes with power steering and brakes. The Hertz model was not released this year and was not a supercharged version.


During the 1968 model year, no changes were made, except for some fairly extensive name changes. The Shelby Mustangs were named Shelby Cobra this year, and the GT500 was released as the GT500KR for King of the Road. Most of the changes were cosmetic, and Shelby released a large number of cabriolets for this model year.

In 1969 Ford completely redesigned the Mustang line. Shelby made some sharp cosmetic changes in the car, he stretched the entire nose of the machine using fiberglass and placed five hooves on the hood. The engine was the same but was also proposed as 351. 1969 will be the last year of the Shelby Mustang. As sales slowed sharply, the partnership between Ford and Shelby America ended. The remaining models of 1969 will be updated before 1970 and will be sold. In December 1969 Shelby America closed its doors. This will be the end of an era for American muscle machines. Carroll Shelby continued work on Dodge / Chrysler and would have played a major role in the Dodge Viper project.

In 2003 Ford Motor Company and Shelby Automotive announced they would begin building cars together again. The Shelby Cobra was introduced in 2004, and the Shelby Mustang GT 500 was introduced a year later in 2005. In 2006 Motor Trend magazine named Carroll Shelby one of the 50 most influential people in the automotive industry and later that year Hertz and Ford agree to resurrect the Hertz Mustang for the car rental company. The convertible Shelby Mustang was brought out in 2007. The Shelby Mustangs are still being produced today.

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What is a car show?

Looking for something somewhat different? While a large number of people appreciate all the fun and excitement of going to car shows, there are still so many other people who have never been to one. They may be pondering or asking themselves what’s so special about Car shows. Well, what they really don’t understand is What is a car show? and what the attraction to it.
Car shows are not only for men, today you will discover families that really get eager to visit most any car show that comes to town and there are a lot of people that you can rely on to drive out of state just to see one. Therefore, What is a car show? Well, number one, car shows let us go back in history to see and learn about a portion of the main cars and trucks that were ever underway. It’s really educational for the two children and adults to marvel at the craftsmanship and early automotive technology

Activities at car show
There are frequently some different activities, for example, moving and singing too. Most car shows will offer some amusement that can enable you something fun to do. While the music may not generally be live there will ordinarily be something that you can tune in to and move to. If you are even more a storage room risk you can generally simply sit and appreciate watching others move too.

Other fun activities can incorporate face painting for the children, and even challenges for entryway prizes and wagers. The sorts of prizes that are offered have a tendency to differ from every car show, but there are by and large huge amounts of prizes that are accessible. While a great many people completely appreciate going to the car show, there are additionally a few angles that can enable you to truly stretch out their adoration for cars.
Extraordinary compared to other perspectives is obviously having the capacity to take a gander at all of the mind blowing cars. There are so many cars from different times and obviously there are a lot of cars that are awesome wellsprings of motivation for the individuals who are keen on reestablishing their own particular car. There are some car clubs who sort out car expos and car races in the meantime. Choosing what your most loved piece of the car exhibition is can depend intensely upon your own identity.

If you are searching for an extraordinary end of the week at that point heading off to a car show is an awesome thought. Discovering something for everybody to appreciate is generally conceivable and you are nearly ensured that you will have an astonishing end of the week. Taking the whole family out to a car show is a considerable measure of fun, and can be an extraordinary approach to enable your family and youngsters to figure out how to make the most of your adoration for cars. There are dependably a lot of car shows around that you can appreciate and see and with a touch of arranging you might have the capacity to crush in more than a solitary show in seven days too.

Final note
Look to car shows as an extraordinary family movement and you are certain to altogether appreciate the time you can go through with your family. Give the children a chance to have their appearances painted, agree to accept the entryway prizes and even set aside the opportunity to respect the majority of the stunning cars that are in plain view.



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Chevy Impala

Restyling your Chevrolet Impala with custom reseller’s exchange extras is a great approach to create an extraordinary look that is not the same as stock look. In any case, many individuals don’t consider customizing their autos basically in light of the fact that they feel that the customizations will be too costly or just need to drive their vehicle as it is from factory. The great new is that there are bunches of Chevy Impala Accessories available to be purchased for the proprietors who wish to put a turn on their vehicles.

Regardless of whether you have a Chevy Impala LS, LT or the top-of-the-line LTZ, they all feature a work of art and sophisticated streamlined look with a new style that is satisfying to the eye. Also, regardless of what choices were incorporated from factory, they can be customized with practically no exertion.

Before leaving on customizing your vehicle, it is appropriate to create a topic or styling thought. This is essential since it is the most important thing in the world of a great looking vehicle. In the event that you can actualize the subject, you will have created a great masterpiece to restyling the outside of your vehicle, as well as an individual satisfaction with the inside.

When you have created and settled on a styling subject that you are OK with, the genuine fun is going to start! Presently you can start looking for the parts and assistants to help you restyle your vehicle’s inside and outside to create another and hipped look. Well known adornments for Chevy Impala to purchase incorporates custom grilles, Chevy Impala chrome extras, stainless steel frill trims, trunk spoilers and body styling units.

For your driving solace, you can include Chevrolet Impala secondary selling auto frill like speaker overhaul, LED inside lights, air fresheners, compact navigation, convenient music player interface link, street help bundle, remote begin, auto control connector with USB Power Port, or TV headrest.
Put resources into your vehicle by including Chevrolet Impala auto insurance assistants to protect factory OEM segments from packed in, and inside to outside. Search for good arrangements to include remote caution pager, formed sprinkle watches, floor mats, sunshade, window visors, seat savers and legitimate window tint. In the event that you need to give your Impala a sportier or stylish look, take a stab at overhauling stock wheels with secondary selling chrome wheels or essentially including painted or chromed brandish vents to your bumpers or back rockers.

Finding the privilege Chevrolet Impala reseller’s exchange parts and embellishments available to be purchased to customize, customize, include solace and offer greatest assurance is not by any means hard. Be that as it may, you need to search for it at the correct places and at the correct costs. One place to begin is disconnected; Craigslist, eBay Classifieds or your forte automotive shop is a great place to purchase high caliber and low-valued Impala frill. In the event that you are not kidding about restyling your vehicle the correct route and at the correct cost, online is unquestionably the opportune place to begin.

Customizing your Chevrolet Impala with post-retail auto extras is a great thought for any individual who needs a custom look without a high sticker price. To discover deals or purchase shabby and reasonable Chevy Impala extras available to be purchased at the most minimal costs, make sure to look disconnected or online outlets to analyze costs and choices from a few retailers.




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Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac’s second-generation ponycar
was a little late for the party in 1970, but it was worth the wait! The 1970
Firebird was a completely new design from the ground up, not sharing any major
suspension or body components with the previous model. The car was praised by
the car magazines for its bold new styling, sports-car like handling, and
excellent acceleration abilities when equipped with the right engine. It had
been improved immensely over the first generation cars in almost every way.

The 1970 Pontiac Firebird rode on a
108″ wheelbase, the same as the new Camaro. It was only available as a two
door coupe; the convertible had been dropped from the lineup, and would not
return as a factory option until 24 years later. The 70 Firebird came with
bucket seats, front disc brakes, and a front stabilizer bar. There were four
trim levels available: the base Firebird, the Esprit, the Formula, and the
Trans Am.

The base car came with a 250 CID
inline six cylinder engine and a three-speed manual transmission, but a 255
horsepower Pontiac 350 V8 and an automatic transmission were available options.
The Esprit came standard with the same 350 V8 and three speed manual transmission,
and an optional automatic transmission was also available. It had stiffer
spring rates than the base car. The 1970 Firebird Formula can be easily
identified by the dual forward-facing hood scoops, and it came with a 330
horsepower Pontiac 400 V8 (NOW we’re talking!) and a three speed manual
transmission. A four speed manual or an automatic transmission were available
options. The Formula came with the same springs as the base car, but with
heavier duty shocks, a larger diameter front stabilizer bar, and a rear
stabilizer bar. It could also be special ordered with the same suspension as
the Trans Am, and you could even get a Ram Air III (also called Ram Air HO) 335
HP 400 V8 in it.

The 1970 Trans Am was all about
performance. It came with the Ram Air III engine above, but an optional Ram Air
IV engine was available that produced 345 (370 according to some sources)
horsepower. The base transmission in the Trans Am was a wide ratio Muncie four
speed with a Hurst shifter. It came with 15″ wheels, larger front and rear
stabilizer bars than the Formula, the stiffer springs from the Esprit, and the
heavier-duty shocks from the Formula. The 1970 Trans Am also had a shaker hood,
which means that there was a rear-facing air intake scoop mounted atop the carburetor,
and that scoop protruded through an opening in the hood to draw fresh, cool air
into the engine. It had front and rear spoilers, and air extractors on both
front fenders to allow hot air to escape from the engine compartment. The 70
Trans Am was only available in two color schemes, either white with blue
stripes or blue with white stripes.

There were a total of 48,739 Pontiac
Firebirds produced in 1970, including only 7,708 Formulas and 3,196 Trans Ams.
The Formulas and Trans Ams were excellent performers due to the 400 cubic inch
engine, with 0-60 MPH times in the six second range. When you combine the
improved handling characteristics of the new platform with the power of the
Pontiac 400 engine, the 1970 Pontiac Firebird was one of the best all around
musclecars of the era. It is one of my favorite cars of all time.

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What is a classic car?

Webster’s defines the word “classic” as filling in as a standard of perfection. Most would concur that portrays most of the classic cars in existence today, but in order to technically qualify as a classic car, there are additional requirements a car must meet.

Special motor vehicle licensing is available for classic and antique cars here in the US. The specific rules vary for each state, but the general meaning of a great is “An engine vehicle, however not a proliferation thereof, fabricated no less than 20 years before the present year which has been kept up in or reestablished to a condition which is considerably in congruity with maker determinations andappearance.” according to the DMV. If the car exceeds 45 years, it is then considered an antique.

The CCCA, or Classic Car Club of America is an organization that dedicates itself to the collection, preservation and enjoyment of some of the finest classic automobiles in the world. They have their own definition of a classic car, which is as follows:

“A CCCA Classic is a “fine” or “particular” vehicle, either American or remote constructed, delivered in the vicinity of 1925 and 1948… Different variables, including motor removal, custom coachwork and extravagance embellishments, for example, control brakes, control grip, and “one-shot” help decide if a car is thought to be a Classic.”

Since this definition is basically exclusive to the CCCA, they usually use terms such as “CCCA Classic” or “Full Classic” (which is trademarked) to define cars that have been accepted to their roster. CCCA Classics are cars that were built in limited numbers and were rather expensive when purchase new from the showroom. These cars are representative of the pinnacle of engineering, styling and design for their times.

Due to the age of classic cars, they often lack what are considered basic safety features of today’s standards. They were not originally equipped with air bags, crumple zones or rollover protection. Their steering and braking capabilities usually leave a lot to be desired as well. This poses a safety concern for any driver of such a car, and also requires them to be extra aware of road conditions and very knowledgeable of their car’s capabilities and limits.

It is possible to have your classic car retrofitted with 2 or 3-point seatbelts that meet current safety standards, but some owners would not even consider it if it’s not original equipment. Federal law only states that a car must be consistent with the standards that were in place at the time of manufacture, leaving states to outline their own regulations as to the acceptable usage of classic cars. Some parts of the United States discourage using classic cars as daily transportation and in some areas it is absolutely prohibited. Almost all have mileage restrictions, and some will only allow them to be driven to and from shows or events.Buying a Classic Car is actually a large investment and really should be
treated as such. Get all the points concerning that particular car
Before to view it and will also be much better off when negotiating the
out the door cost. Be sure to purchase proper insurance and get
protected storage available.



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It is our namesake so it seemed as good of a place as any to start.  This is a snapshot of what a Pontiac car show is like.  Very similar to all of the other car shows that you see around but of course, for Pontiacs.  Check it out!